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Direct From China! Oolong Tea
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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In the last few decades, there have been an incredible number of different herbal teas that have always been around finally found their way to supermarket shelves. At one time, there has generally been one tea offered on shelves, black tea. Yes, there are many different name brands, but for decades they simply offered their own variant of black tea.

To the country of China, the world owes a great deal of thanks for these herbal tea as China has been the part of the world that was the most innovative in developing different kinds of tea as well as blazing the trail for using herbal tea to combat minor ailments. Much like tea is considered a medicinal staple in China, the presence of tea during a meal is also a popular staple.

One of the more popular teas that have found its way from the Chinese mainland is Oolong tea. While most people may not be familiar with the name Oolong tea, anyone who has eaten in a Chinese restaurant has probably already tried it.

Some may ask why one can not grow Oolong tea domestically and why does it have to be imported from a province in China. The reason for this is that the climate and environment of the province where Oolong tea is grown has a great deal to do with the taste that it has. As such, it can not be duplicated in other parts of the world.

Considering the globalization of businesses in the last few years the fact that Oolong tea is an import does not limit the availability of it as it is finally accessible to the people for brewing in their own home. So, if one develops a craving for Oolong tea, they do not have to go to a restaurant anymore and order an entire meal to get it!


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