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Fight Cancer With Essiac Tea
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Essiac tea drinkers claim that this type of tea has cancer-fighting properties. Their claim is grounded on a study released by researchers to the public. Essiac tea is made from a mixed blend of various herbs and roots, such as the Indian or Turkish Rhubbarb root, Sheep Sorrel, the inner bark of the Slippery Elm and the Burdock root, which are believed to have properties that can prevent the onset of cancer. Its cancer treating properties, however, are not readily recognized by everyone and instead is even disputed by other experts on the field.

Its preparation is usually done in large quantities and stored in cold storages. To drink the concoction, distilled water is heated up and mixed with parts of the Essiac tea. The tea is recommended for drinking on an empty stomach at night, most ideally, two hours after eating. In comparison, the tea is more like a supplemental drink or concoction and is very different from the common teas or herbal tea infusions.

The Essiac tea has no preservatives and is purely a natural drink. The main thing to avoid in making this tea drink is using the wrong kind of the Sheep Sorrel herb. The wrong variety of the herb is the one used in making salads. As compared to the wild type of the Sheep Sorrel, it produces a weak Essiac tea. Drinking the resulting concoction is a waste of time and is claimed to have little medical benefits. Potential drinkers can differentiate the wrong Sheep Sorrel with its large leaves while the wild type, which is the right herb, and has tiny leaves.

This miracle tea was named after a Canadian nurse who invented the brew. The nurse’s name, Caisse, was spelled backwards to come up with a unique name Essiac for a tea.


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