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Herbal Tea and Health
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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No one wants to be sick and anyone afflicted with even something as minor as the sniffles will probably look for some quick relief. In addition to aspirin and cough syrup, people reach for a number of natural remedies to combat a cold. Anyone who ever was unlucky enough to have caught the flu as a kid was probably advised to have a hot bowl of soup and a cup of herbal tea. While the jury is still out on whether or not chicken soup will reverse a cold, many people have come to accept herbal tea as a valid supplement that can really rattle the effects of a minor malady. In fact, tea therapy has become a booming part of the alternative medicine world.

Dispensing tea has been common practice in China for thousands of years. The general feeling is that tea will positively benefit the internal organs and the immune system, helping to strengthen both and ward off any germs that may be inhibiting the body’s ability to function. These teas come in a variety of different brands and flavors so if one doesn’t like the taste of, say, Chamomile, one could opt for another tea such as Echinacea or even an old favorite such as peppermint.

An additional benefit of herbal tea is that it is generally devoid of the high concentration of caffeine that black tea is loaded with. While caffeine does have the benefit of keeping one awake and alert, such ‘highs’ are usually accompanied by a crash period. Also, caffeine has a tendency to make one irritable and suffer from anxiety. Doesn’t exactly an ingredient that will help a person feel better does it?

While herbal tea is not a miracle cure for any ailment it is a healthy alternative to a number of other beverages and becoming a card carrying member of an herbal tea fan club will surely reap positive rewards.


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