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Love for the Sun Tea Jar
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Using the sun as the activator instead of a stove can be a fun spin on the old fashioned way of making tea. If one has the patience and is not in a rush to fill a glass up with a beverage immediately, then one can enjoy a huge jar of tea. Actually, one could just drink something else if thirsty and then let the tea cook in the sun, but that isnít the important thing. The most important thing to take into consideration is to use the proper sun tea jar.

A quality sun tea jar will have thick enough glass so that it can properly capture the rays of the sun so as to affect the tea bags so that they do their magic on the water that is contained within the jar. Granted, a thinner tea jar may be successful, but the thicker the glass, the better the chances are that the water will turn into tea quicker. Plus, the thicker glass will be able to survive the elements a little better if the weather changes unexpectedly as it is apt to do depending in certain areas of the globe.

Now, a plain looking sun tea jar can do the job it is meant to do, but there are also quite a number of sun tea jars that are designed in a manner that is very artistic. This way, when one is not using the sun tea jar and it is sitting on a shelf in the kitchen, it can add to the visual appearance of the kitchen in a decorative manner. If one is a collector at oneís core, then one could purchase a vintage, antique sun tea jar. Of course, the price on such a tea jar may be a little up there but, after all, it is an antique!


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