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Owning A Miniature Tea Set
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Poor Alice. Through the looking glass she went and into a world filled with bizarre creatures and strange adventures that revolved around seemingly difficult situations. But, Alice’s adventure in Wonderland did provide readers of the classic book and viewer’s of the legendary Disney film the incredible scene of the Mad Hatter’s tea party. From looking at this scene, many people had the seed planted in their head that they surely needed to own a miniature tea set.

While one probably will not find a miniature tea set that is as magical as the tea set that Alice used, one could probably find a miniature tea set that looked as equally impressive. (Actually, one could even purchase a miniature set replication) If one does, however, invest in a fine miniature set, then it would be wise to take care of the set as best of possible and not be neglectful of it.

A miniature set can be made from a variety of different materials although one of the most popular seems to be porcelain. This is because porcelain is a durable material that makes it hard to chip although if one is neglectful great harm can come to such a tea set if one it not careful. Also, considering that porcelain has been around for several hundred years, one willing to make an investment may be able to purchase a miniature tea set from a previous century. It goes without saying that if one does purchase such a rare item, one would be well advised to be extra careful with handling the miniature tea set.

For those on a budget, one can purchase a tea set that rolled off the manufacturer’s conveyor belt. Some may feel that newer sets will not have the visual quality and value of an antique set, but the reality of the situation is that many newer miniature tea sets are true works of art and an amazing sight to behold.


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