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The Pleasures In Aroma Of Chai Tea
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Before, we have no other early morning beverage other than coffee. There was a time that coffee addicts had managed to push the popularity of coffee over the edge. Coffee was not just a wake-up beverage anymore but is now a part of waking life. Today, tea is the beverage enjoying similar attention. Tea concoctions are readily available side by side with different varieties of coffee in most coffee shops.

Though the common tea is said to have originated from China, its popularity did not stop India from offering its own unique blend: the chai tea. This tea is made with black tea, milk and honey. Other varieties can also be brewed by adding spices such as cardamom and cinnamon, in addition to milk and honey. What makes this India made tea distinct is in its preparation: milk is added to a boiling brew of especially selected tea leaves, thus achieving a stronger flavor and darker color.

Actually, the pleasant aroma of teas lies on the process of blending in of spices. Spices are mashed before they are boiled down along with the tea leaves and milk to release the herb-like essence of tea leaves and spices. But tea makers do not leave the spices to boil longer than necessary so that the spices won’t taste too strong and lose the natural taste of the tea leaves. The most common spices used for a chai tea blend are cardamom, cinnamon, peppercorn and ginger.

Chai tea is very popular in India and other countries. There is a famous variety of this tea called masala chai, which is basically a spiced chai. This variety, though, is most popular outside of India. It is also a famous brew among underground music clubs and festivals and among people of Indian race not formally living in India. The chai tea is distinguishable from the Chinese chai tea with its spicy taste and pleasant aroma.


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